I have worked with Ginny for a little over two and a half years. Being in title for over 13 years and in management, I have worked for nationwide corporate title companies and have experienced various payroll and accounting systems/procedures. In other words, I can easily compare. As an Agency Manager & Owner, I reply on someone who can take the burden of payroll and other accounting functions off of my shoulders. Ginny does this and does this well which allows me more time to focus on managing the agency and trying to grow it. I currently use Ginny for my accounting, payroll, HR and some escrow/compliance. Her communication with me and my staff has been flawless during our time together. She has done a great job thus far in all areas and I can’t imagine not having her as a part of my day-to-day operations. I truly consider her an extension of my agency.

Premier Lakeshore Title Agency
David M. Balsam
Ginny and her team at ASF Enterprises have managed the employee payroll, accounting, health insurance benefits, escrow management and much more for us for the five years that I have been running Greater Macomb Title. I have been very pleased with her services. Ginny and her staff go above and beyond in all areas of accounting and employee management, which has freed me and my staff up to focus on other aspects of our company. We are happy to have her as a business affiliate and trusted friend in our business and highly recommend her services.

Greater Macomb Title
Dave Kwasny
ASF Enterprises is a great company to work with. The level of professionalism exceeds all others. I know with ASF Enterprises I can count on the accuracy of what is provided, as well as knowing it will be provided in a timely matter. The staff is always courteous, friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Lastly, I also know with ASF Enterprises that the information I provide is always held with the utmost confidentially. I would highly recommend them to others in this business industry!

Affiliate Manager
Hometown One Title
Cherie L. Vasquez